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& South Sea Subsidiaries

In 1883 Burns Philp and Company Limited was formed by amalgamating the various businesses in Sydney and Queensland carried on in the names of James Burns and of Robert Philp and Company. With James Burns as chairman of directors
the company expanded rapidly and lines of steamers were run from Australian ports to the many Pacific islands in the main, with Singapore Auckland and Hong Kong also as ports of call. Robert Philps was Managing Director of Queensland Operations. Diverse business interests included the Copra plantations and the pearling industry. Many vessels were registered at the main ports' of their most frequented call. South Seas Division was created after a complete takeover of their subsidiary Robbie, Kaad & Co, being re-titled and removing area (pacific) control from Sydney to the Fiji headquarters specific to the Islands' trades. Other subsidiaries as Hong Kong and PNG (Papua-New Guinea) Ltd as suffixes also existed. The changing times of 1960's with airline competition, Union demands for Australian crewing and an ageing fleet saw the Parent Company cease all Australian shipping operations by 1970. Notwithstanding, they held an established name in Australian Shipping History


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KALILI image courtesy anon contributor - with thanks
LAKATOI image courtesy Australian War Memorial
KALILI 227 gross tons, 100 net. Lbd: 99'6" x 22'1" x 7'6-1/2". Steel twin screw motor ship built by Taikoo D & E Co., Hong Kong for Burns Philp (New Guinea) registered at Port Moresby. Sold 1981. No other details
KURWINA 227 gross tons, 100 net. Lbd: 99'6" x 22'1" x 7'6-1/2". Steel twin screw motor ship built by Taikoo D & E Co., Hong Kong for Burns Philp (New Guinea) registered in Port Moresby. Sold 1981. No other details
LAKATOI 341 gross tons, 179 net. Lbd: 132' x 26'1" x 9'4". (40.2 x 8 metres) Steel, single screw motorship built by Taikoo D & E Co., Hong Kong. Diesel engine of 46 nhp.Taken over by USA small ships section and lost, sunk off New Caledonia 7th September 1943, en route Sydney - Noumea during WW2
MACUATA 128 gross tons, 81 net. Lbd: 83'5" x 22' x 7'5". on: 1157806 Wooden auxilliary ketch built by C Whippy at Suva Fiji and fitted with an oil engine (Crossley) 5 cylinder. Owner - Burns Philp (South Seas) Ltd., registered Suva. Refitted 1961 as a twin screw motor vessel and sold since, 1961 to J R & R Lidgard, location unknown. Records end


4,561 gross tons, 2,626 net. Lbd: 341'9" x 51'2" x 29'1". (104.2 x 15.6 metres) on: 1157594 Steel, single screw motor vessel built as a passenger-cargo ship by Barclay, Curle & Co Glasgow for this concern. Diesel engine 653 bhp rated at 15 knots, 140 passenger capacity. Designed for the Australia-Papua New Guinea run. Chartered by the Australian Commonwealth Government during the 1939-45 War to carry Army and Air Force personnel and supplies between Australia, Papua and New Guinea. 17th June 1942 bombed by Japanese aircraft at Port Moresby. 18th June 1942 attacked again and set on fire, drifted onto the reef off Tatana Island and capsized. Total loss
images personal collection

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MACGREGOR image courtesy State Library Victoria
MAKATEA as the Yugilbar image courtesy State Library New South Wales
MACGREGOR 256 gross tons, 163 net. Lbd: 129'8" x 21'7" x 9'2". Compound surface condensing engine producing 68 nhp. Iron steamship built by McQuarrie & McCallum, Mechanics Bay, Auckland New Zealand for Alex MacGregor. This owner went on to form the Northern Steam Ship Co of New Zealand. Designed for the New Zealand coastal passenger-cargo trade. January Owned in 1888 by S A Joseph, registered Sydney. April 1888 J Montefiore and later again owned by A Pelletier, both of Noumea. 1895 acquired by Burns Philp & Co Ltd, Sydney for the short term mail contract, in May 1895 between Albany and Esperance, Western Australia. Serviced for 18 months until Government Mail contract was awarded to Adelaide Steamship Co and vessel placed on the market. April 1897 sold to Gallop & Laurie of Fremantle. July 1900 Bernard Byrnes of Sydney. Hulked and register closed March 1916
MAIWARA 606 gross tons, 336 net. Lbd: 179'2" x 29'1" x 11'2". (54.6 x 8.9 metres) Steel single screw steamship, triple expansion engine producing 69hp as built and engined by International Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Danzig for the Scottish Frisian Shipping Co., (Crawford & Galloway) Glasgow as the Schleswig. Cargo only. Acquired 1925 by Burns Philp & Co Ltd, registered Glasgow and renamed Maiwara and employed on the New Guinea coastal ports. Sold 1941 to Aulco Pty Ltd registered Sydney. 1942 saw her taken over by the Australian Commonwealth Government for war service. Made two trips to Bougainville with 42nd Battalion and their guns; then trips to New Britain, Biak. In convoy with the vessel - 'Swartenhondt' to Jacquinot Bay, New Britain, when the Dutch ship was hit by Japanese kamikaze plane. Laid up at Newcastle post war and sold in September 1946 to Asian interests (Oriente) renaming her Nan Sheng. Deleted from register 1956
MAKAMBO 1159 gross tons. Lbd: 218'3" x 31'4" x 14'8". (64.1 x 9.6 metres) Steel single screw passenger-cargo steamer, built by Clyde Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Greenock Scotland for this company. on: 1121180 Triple expansion engine making 10.5 knots. 1933 transferred to Burns Philp (South Seas) Ltd registered Suva Fiji. Found to be in a leaking condition and beached off Vila September 20th 1935 where it was decided she was beyond practicable repair. Sold to Japanese shipbreakers who had her patched and renamed Kainan Maru under ownership of Okada Gumi. Torpedoed and sunk by submarine 7.54N/98.27E 12 June 1944
MAKATEA 799 gross tons 372 net, 372 net. Lbd: 199'5" x 32' x 11'. Steel twin screw steamship built by Ailsa Shipbuiling Co., Troon Glasgow for the North Coast S N Co., Sydney as the Yugilbar. As a passenger - cargo vessel, she worked the MacLeay River - Sydney route. Sold 1925 to Burns Philp (South Seas) Ltd, registered in Suva and renamed Makatea. Scuttled off Mbenga island 1933


4512 gross tons, 2685 net. Lbd: 200' x 30'2" x 22'7". (107 x 14.8 metres) on: 148681 Steel hulled, single screw passenger-cargo motor ship built by Barclay, Curle & Co., Glasgow, for this company. Diesel engine making 12.5 knots. Worked the Java - Singapore run from Melbourne via Sydney. Wrecked in fog and aground at Miranda Bay North side Long Bay, 7nm South of Port Jackson near Sydney 2nd April 1931. The suburb in that region now bears her name. Detailed history, images and diving info available at http://http://www.michaelmcfadyenscuba.info/viewpage.php?page_id=68/ Michael Mcfadyen Scuba Website

some MALABAR images as wrecked, courtesy State Library New South Wales, other images personal collection

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MALAITA (11) image personal collection
MALAKE image as the 'Alagna' courtesy R Priest
MALAITA (1) 929 gross tons. Lbd: 200' x 30'2" x 12'3". (61 x 9.2 metres) Steel single screw steamship built Grangemouth Dockyard, Grangemouth 1893 as the Antilla for the Bahamas Steamship Co Ltd, Nassau. Triple expansion engine making 10 knots. 1904 damaged by fire. Purchased in 1905, reconditioned and renamed by Burns, Philp & Co,. she was purchased for trade in the Pacific islands. Bought by Huddart Parker in 1914 and conveted into a coal hulk, later sold to Moreland Smelting Co Ltd., 1918 or 1919, towed to Melbourne where the engines of the paddle steamer Excelsior were installed. Registered in Melbourne by H B Black & Co Ltd. On November 17th 1926, in Port Phillip Bay Victoria while swinging on the pick (at anchor) during heavy weather she was blown ashore and demolished the South Melbourne baths; refloated, partially dismantled and scuttled in the ships graveyard, off Port Philip heads, 20 November 1927
MALAITA (11) 3,310 gross tons. Lbd: 351'1" x 4' x 21'1". (98 x 14.3 metres) Steel single screw passenger/cargo vessel built by Barclay, Curle & Co., Glasgow for this company. Diesel engine making 14.5 knots. Served WW2 surviving a torpedo attack. Made her own way back to Sydney for repairs. Sold 1965 to San Fernando Steamship Co (John Manners subsidiary concern) renamed Pilar Regidor. 1968 sold to Jaguar Shipping Corp, renamed Linda JR. Scrapped at Kaohsiung August 1971
MALAKE 730 gross tons, 382 net. Lbd: 180' x 31' x 11'6". (54.9 x 9.5 metres) Steel, single screw steamship built by Grangemouth Dockyard, Grangemouth for Burns Philp (South Seas) Ltd., registered Suva. Triple expansion engine making 8 knots. April 1939 sold to John Burke Ltd, Brisbane and renamed Alagna. Serviced the Northern coastal ports of Queensland. Scrapped late 1955
MALANTA 405 gross tons, 186 net. Lbd: 140' X 24'3" X 11'. (42.7 x 7.4 metres) Steel single screw steamship built by Langveld & Van Vliet, Hardinxveld Holland as the Storm for Shipping Investments Ltd (C H Pile), Liverpool. Held a compounded engine 70 horsepower. Sold 1924 to Canterbury Steam Shipping Co Ltd, registered Lyttleton. renamed Ripa. Given new engine at Sunderland upon sale to New Zealand interests. Renamed Malanta 1925 when sold to Burns Philp, Sydney. Again in 1925 transferred to their South Seas subsidiary for the Solomon Islands run. Scuttled at Indispensable Strait, near Makambo 23rd October 1931

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MALAYAN image (a638305r) courtesy State Library New South Wales
Malekula better image wanted, MALINOA image seen here as the 'Brundah'
MALAYAN 3,279 gross tons, 2097 net. Lbd: 340' x 42'7" x 26'2". (103.6 x 13 metres) Steel steamship, cargo - refrigerated as built by R Dixon & Co., Middlesborough as the Storm King for W Ross & Co, London. Single screw, triple expansion engine making 12 knots. 1904 renamed Homerus for British & South African Navigation Co. Acquired November 1919 by this company for a service to Malaysia and renamed Malayan. Also worked the Solomon Island Rabaul route. Sold January 1924 to McLeod, Bolton & Co of Sydney and quickly resold to to B B Wiltshire. Late 1924 sold to Yamashita Goshi KK and renamed Hakuyo Maru. Since there possibly ownership changes until she was scrapped at Uraga late 1930
MALEKULA 3,786 gross tons, 1795 net, 3307 dwt. Lbd: 321'6" x 47'2" x 25'5". (102.6 x 14.4 metres) Steel motorship, cargo only as built by Barclay, Curle & Co's Clydeholm shipyard at Whiteinch. Passenger Cargo purpose built for the Australia-Papua New Guinea route. Single screw, diesel engine making 12 knots. Sold 1969 to Cie Marit, Caledonienne, Noumea and renamed Jacques Del Mar. 1970 purchased by Pacific Breeze Co, (J.Manners & Co) Hong Kong and renamed Isabel. 1971 owned by I Wang and renamed New Linda. Scrapped at Kaohsiung, Taiwan October 1974
MALINOA 884 gross tons, 495 net. Lbd: 200'2" x 30'1" x 17'9". (61 x 9.2 metres) Steel steamship, passenger/cargo refrigerated built by D J Dunlop & Co, Inch Yard Port Glasgow for the North Coast Steam Navigation Co, Sydney as the Brundah. Single screw, triple expansion engine making 12 knots. Accommodion for up to 100, working the Sydney - Richmond River trade. Sold in 1925 to Burns Philp (South Seas) Ltd., registered in Suva and renamed. Placed upon the inter-island trade of New Hebrides and Noumea. Badly damaged when stranded in Aoba, New Hebrides on 30 April 1932 refloated, found beyond repair and scuttled off Suva, Fiji, February 1933
MAMBARE 1218 gross tons, 759 net. Lbd: 230' x 34'5" x 27'3". (70.1 x 10.5 metres) Steel steamship built by Campbelltown Sihipbuilding, Campbelltown, Scotland for this company and registered Sydney. Single screw, triple expansion engine 120 hp making 9 knots. Worked the Lord Howe Island - Norfolk Island - New Hebrides Banks and Santa Cruz circuit. Wrecked at Tuluba Island, New Hebrides, 31st August 1902

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MAMUTU image personal collection
MANGOLA image courtesy State Library New South Wales
MAMUTU 300 tons. Lbd: 113' x 25'5" x 10'8". (34.4 x 7.8 metres) Wooden motorship built by Whampoa Dock Co, Hong Kong for the Burns Philp (South Seas) Ltd of Suva for the Solomon Islands trade. Single screw, diesel engine 470 bhp. On 7th August 1942 she was sunk by gunfire from a submarine between Daru & Port Moresby in the Gulf of Papua, with the loss of 114 lives
MANGOLA 3,352 gross tons. Lbd: 331' x 47'9" x 23'5". (100.9 x 14.6 metres) Steel single screw steamship, cargo only, and built at Cockatoo Island Naval Dockyard, Sydney for Australian Government's Commonwealth Government line as the Eudunda. Completed construction/fittings at Melbourne December 1920. Triple expansion engine of 516 nhp as constructed by Thompson & Co, Castlemaine Victoria. Service speed 9 knots. Chartered by Burns Philp & Co Ltd (South Seas) subsidiary in 1925 and bought in 1926, being renamed Mangola. Transferred to Burns Philp & Co Singapore registry in 1938. Later registered at Sydney. Sold 1958 to Hong Kong interests with John Manners & Co., as Managers. Renamed Torres Breeze. 1958 sold to Chinese Government renamed Foo Chow. Scrapping began 8th November 1964 at Hong Kong
MANUTAI 419 gross tons. Lbd: 149' x 26'1" x 6'9". Steel motorship (oil-fired British Polar), single screw propulsion. Built by the Shipbuilding Corp, Ltd at Low Walker on Tyne, Newcastle as Empire Sloane for the Ministry of War Transport (MOWT) England. 1948 Broadway Holdings Ltd, London. 1948 renamed John Williams VI, for the London Missionary Society. 1963 acquired by Burns, Philp & Co., for the New Hebrides trade and renamed Manutai. Sold 1975 Rabi Holdings Ltd, London. Deleted from register 1993

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7,475 gross tons, 4340 net. Lbd: 426' x 55'8" x 35'2". (129.8 x 17 metres) Steel twin screw Passenger/cargo steamship built by Reiherstiegwerft, Hamburg. 6th June 1914 launched as Hilda Woermann for the Woermann Line. Completed November 1916, renamed Wahehe in 1917, same owner, although used as an accomodation vessel during the great war. Service speed 14 knots. 1919 surrendered to Britain as war reparations, making several voyages to Australia and New Zealand under management of Shaw Savill Line. Later Handed to the Australian Government as part compensation for war losses. 1920 sold to Burns, Philp & Co., renamed Marella and placed on the passenger run between Australia and Singapore. Became a troopship during WW2 and resumed peacetime duties between Australia - Singapore until 1949. Sold later that year to Baru Co., Panama and renamed Captain Marco. 1950 renamed Liguria and under charter to International Refugee Organisation carried 950 passengers. With a breakdown at sea, towage into Fremantle plus legal writs and repair costs, she returned to Italy. Renamed Corsica she ended up at Casablanca, being laid up until sold October 1954 to Belgian shipbreakers being scrapped at Ghent. As built she was lavish, with marble fittings and arguably the first vessel to boast a permanent swimming pool
image centre as Wahehe postcard in issue, other images personal collection

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MARSINA (1) image as the Craigend courtesy State Library Victoria
MATAFELE image courtesy Australian War Memorial
MATARAM 1st image courtesy of State Library Queensland
MARSINA (1) 1,948 gross tons. Lbd: 275'1" x 36' x 19'3". (83.8 x 11 metres) Steel steamship, passenger/cargo built by Grangemouth & Greenock Dockyard Co., Grangemouth as the Samuel Hough for Samuel Hough Ltd, Liverpool. Single screw, triple expansion making 10 knots. Acquired 1913 and renamed with Sydney registry. Employed upon most of this Company's routes, including Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, Woodlark, New Hebrides, Papua and Solomon Islands. Sold February 1932 to James Patrick & Co, Sydney & renamed Craigend. Sold February 1937 to Yih Zeu Fong, a Chinese National and renamed Hai Ping. Foundered on her delivery voyage Double Is Point, Queensland March 15th 1937
MATAFELE 335 gross tons, 186 net. Lbd: 115'5" x 25'6" x 10'6". (35.2 x 7.8 metres) on: 169048. Steel twin screw motorship, Passenger/cargo built by Hong Kong & Whampoa Dockyard Co, Hong Kong for Burns Philp (South Seas) Ltd. Worked the Fiji trade routes. Requisitioned by the RAN in Jaunary 1943 and utilised as a stores vessel. Sunk by gunfire from a Japanese submarine in the Coral Sea about June 20-26 1944 en route Townsville to Milne Bay. All 37 aboard lost
MATARAM 3,331 tons. Lbd: 331'2" x 43'2" x 22'4". (100.9 x 13.2 metres) Steel steamship, refrigerated passenger/cargo as built by Clyde Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Glasgow. Single screw, triple expansion engine making 11.5 knots. (Plowman records suggest she was formerly owned by AUSN Co., however she may well have been under charter at some stage) Built for Burns Philp & Co Ltd., Sydney for their Sydney-Java-Singapore service in a passenger-cargo role. Later placed upon the New Guinea run, then the Solomon Islands service. Laid up in Sydney in 1934 and sold for scrapping 1935, however the Japanese shipbreakers resold her to Chinese interests (Fan Shien Ho ) vessel renamed Kwan Ho. 1938 back in Japanese hands (Kowa Kisen) renamed Kowa Maru. Torpedoed and sunk by US submarine 'Wahoo' 38.27N/122.18E 19th March 1943 near Darien


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MATUNGA image courtesy State Library Queensland, MELUSIA image postcard issued
MATOMA 78 gross tons. Lbd: 78'4" x 20'3" x 7'6". Wooden motorship 80 horsepower built by unknown builders Noumea as the Loyaute. Acquired 1926 by this concern, renamed and registered at Samarai. Sold 1945 to J A Thurston of Rabaul. 1952 apparently sank off Lever Point, Russell Islands and was salvaged by the Burns Philp vessel Muliama. her fate since unknown
MATUNGA 1,618 tons. Lbd: 273" x 37'1" x 17'2". Steel passenger-cargo steamship built by Napier & Miller Ltd., Glasgow as the Zweena for he Mersey Steamship Co., Liverpool. Acquired 1910 by this concern for their Solomon Islands trade. En route to Rabaul from Sydney via Newcastle, she was captured and sunk by the German raider 'Wolf' near Waigeu Island, North-East of Dutch New Guinea on the 26th July 1917. Photograph taken as vessel lay in Alexis Harbour in German New Guinea
MELUSIA 1,989 gross tons, 1,183 net. Lbd: 280'2" x 38'2" x 19'6". (85.4 x 11.6 metres) Steel steamship,passenger-cargo built at Dundee by the Caledon Shipbuilding Co for the Melbourne Steamship Co Ltd. Launched and operated as the Sydney. Triple expansion engine producing 249 nhp. Speed 10 knots. Serviced the Melbourne -Sydney - North West Tasmania run that included Twofold Bay, New South Wales as required. Also worked other routes of this concern. November 1917 purchased by Burns Philp & Co Ltd., and renamed Melusia. She serviced the South Pacific Island trades, especially the former German Island possessions as under Commonwealth control in that wartime era. March 1927 sold to China Pacific SN Co, China and renamed Shung Tsze. Sold 1931 to Lai Hing SS Co & renamed Shun Chin. She was scuttled in Hong Kong as the Japanese Army invaded in 1941. Salvaged by the invaders and renamed Shunyo Maru. Mined 34.06N/130.47E and sunk 8th May 1945 off Moji


5,952 gross tons. Lbd 393'1" x 51'9" x 25'3". (119.8 x 15.8 metres) Built at Kiel, Germany by Frederick Krupp A G Kiel as Rio Bravo, along with her sistership the 'Rio Panuco' for Flensburg Steamship Co (H Schuldt). Two funnel passenger-cargo vessel designed for the South American service. Twin screw, diesel engined & capable of 12 knots. She was laid up 1931, acquired by North-German Lloyd (NDL) in 1934 and renamed Merkur with every intention for the Australia-New Guinea-Hong Kong route.

Purchased by this company in 1935 with Australian Government assistance (financial) and serviced Australia - Hong Kong route, at times taking in Singapore. Served WW2 admirably when commissioned by RAN in February 1942 as a stores victualling and supply vessel. Post hostilities was despatched to Borneo as a 'Mercy' ship
with supplies for liberated former Prisoners of War.
April 1946 delegated as a 'Transport' ship operating between Australia and Japan until mid-1948 when returned to Sydney, extensively refitted, handed back to her owners late in 1949. Resumed normal services until sold for scrapping purposes 1953 and broken up at Osaka January 1954

Top right & lower left images courtesy Australian War Memorial

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MINDINI image courtesy of State Library Queensland
MINDINI 2,065 gross tons, 1302 net. Lbd: 280' x 39'5" x 18'3". (85.3 x 12 metres) on: 120505. Steel hulled, single screw steamship - Passenger/cargo built by Blyth Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Cowpen Quay Blyth as the Iberia for J Hall & Co., South Shields England. Triple expansion engine 11 knots 212 nhp. Acquired 1911 by this concern and renamed. Placed upon the Brisbane - Solomon Islands service. Wrecked upon Mellish Reef off Rabaul March 8th 1923
MINDORO 215 gross tons, 80 net. Lbd: 122'6" x 25' x 8'1". Wooden steamer built by D Sullivan, Coopernook, New South Wales as the Pyrmont for Allen Taylor, R M Anderson and N Cain, registered Sydney. Compounded engine of 35 horsepower. Fitted to carry passengers. Sold 1904 to North Coast Steam Navigation Co., Sydney. Acquired by Burns-Philp & Co., Sydney 1910 and renamed Mindoro. Placed upon the Cooktown - Thursday Island - Papua New Guinea service. Wrecked near Dedele, Papua New Guinea April 1913
MIRANI 739 gross tons. Lbd: 180' x 31'1" x 11'3". Steel steamship built by Grangemouth Dockyard Co., Grangemouth for Burns Philp & Co Ltd., London and there registered as the Mirani. Worked the New Guinea coast. Sold in 1941 to AUSN Co and renamed Bulimba. Requisitioned by USA small ships fleet command in 1942 who made return effort to owners 1945. AUSN Co refused offer and she was eventually sold by the Australian Government in September 1946 to Rymo Shipping of Shanghai, with registry at Panama. Sold January 1947 to South China Navigation Co., Shanghai and renamed Hwa Loong. Wrecked the following year, September 27th on Hainan Island off China
MIRO 25 gross tons. Lbd: 57'8" x 12'4" x 4'4". Wooden steamer built by G A Radcliffe, Lavender Bay, North Sydney for S A Josephson of Sydney. November 1892 Pratt & Mullens. January acquired by this company for the Thursday Island Torres Strait run. Wrecked in Torres Strait on 13th April 1911

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damaged hull
MONTORO damaged hull image courtesy State Library Queensland
MOAMOA image courtesy Australian War Memorial
MISIMA 302 gross tons, 195 net. Lbd: 136'1" x 24'9" x 12'6". (41.5 x 7.5 metres) Wooden steamship built at Balmain by H Hardman as the Dorrigo for G W Nicholl with Sydney registry. Single screw, compounded engine 48nhp. Sold 1904 to North Coast Steam Navigation Co., Sydney. Acquired by Burns-Philp & Co., Sydney 1913 and renamed Misima. Wrecked Meunera Island off East Cape, Papua New Guinea February 1st 1917
MITIARO 402 gross tons, 193 net. Lbd: 140'5" x 23'7" x 11'8". (42.9 x 7.3 metres) Steel steamship, cargo only as built by Werf Hubertina, Haartem Holland as the Farnham for J Harrison. Single screw, triple expansion engine 61nhp. Sold 1921 renamed Jolly Helen, for L Walford. 1924 sold to Cie Francaise des Phosphates de l'Oceanie of Le Havre France and renamed Oceanien. Acquired 1931 by this concern's South Seas division and renamed Mitiaro. Scuttled near Tulagi late 1935 - early 1936 (records vary)
MOAMOA 554 gross tons, 296 net. Lbd: 148'5" x 28'5" x 10'6". (45.3 x 8.7 metres) Cargo vessel built by Hong Kong & Whampoa Dockyard Co., Hong Kong for Burns Philp (South Seas) Ltd, and placed upon their Gilbert Island trade. Single screw, diesel engine making 9 knots. Sold February 1941 to Colonial Sugar Refining Co., Sydney for their Sydney - Queensland run. November 1942 requisitioned by the USA small ships command as a supply ship for Milne Bay-based Motor Torpedo Boats. 1946 sold to Cheng Chiang Shipping Co, Singapore and renamed Hung Hai. Sold 1948 to Thai Navigation Ltd., Bangkok and renamed Saiburi. Broken up at Bangkok December 1978
MONTORO 4,088 gross tons, 2521 net. Lbd: 360'9" x 47'2" x 23'8". (109.9 x 14.4 metres) on: 131499. Steel steamship, passenger-cargo built by Clyde Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Port Glasgow specifically for this company. Single screw, triple expansion engine 661nhp making 12 knots. She replaced the aging 'Guthrie' on the Singapore run. Maiden voyage being in March 1912. Capable of 100 first class & 40 second class passenger accomodation. 11th October 1923, a little past midnight she managed to seat herself squarely upon Young Reef, 140 miles south of Thursday Island. Two vessels towing and her own engines at full astern, plus a multitude of persons jumping up and down on the stern creating a rocking motion, saw her freed from the reef, and she was able to make for port under her own power. 1925 replaced by the newer 'Malabar' and placed upon the Australia - Papua-New Guinea run. For most of 1936 saw her in Morts Dry Dock, Sydney for major refit with second class accomodation removed, Australian Manning regulations being adhered to and given Sydney registry. Served WW2. Resumed New Guinea service until sold 1948 to Wah Shang SS Co, Singapore and renamed Haven. Scrapped Sakai, Japan January 1955



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