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Mail Steam Co Ltd

18th April 1873-9th August 1880

Also traded as

Steamship Co Ltd

10th August 1880-

most familiarly known as

E & A Line

In 1873 James Guthrie of Guthrie & Co., Singapore, James Henderson of Scott, Henderson & Co., Sydney, also Director of the Australian Joint Stock Bank, William McTaggart, of McTaggart Tidman & Co., London and Paul Tidman (Batavia) McTaggart Tidman & Co joined forces in creating the Eastern & Australian Mail Steamship Co. Their aim was, in concordance with the Queensland Government, was, over a seven year contract, to operate a four weekly mail and passenger service from Sydney to Brisbane, Batavia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Before long the Australian terminal was transferred to Melbourne. Bright Bros., & Co of Melbourne became their agents in Queensland, Sydney & Melbourne. Bright Bros & Co had originally tried their steamship 'Hero' on the run to Batavia, finding the vessel itself unsuitable and are believed historically to have some initial connection with the formation of the E & A Mail line, possibly holding some shareholding.
Bookings to and from London and European ports were possible by a connection at Singapore to P & O Line and Messageries Maritimes ships. The mail contract passed to British India S N Co. in 1881 and Eastern & Australian Steamship Co, as renamed 1880 August 10th, then concentrated on the Australia - China - Japan service, having dropped the Singapore stopover
The company later became associated with Australasian United S.N. Co. and in 1919 came under the control of British India S N Co. They in turn became part of the P & O Group.
(source: with thanks Ted Finch via The Shipslist)


Although this line lost it's Australian identity with the British India Line takeover in 1919, I have included all vessels known up to the 1960's, because of the fleet's original identity and the vessels' overall presence and familiarity on the Australian coast

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Chronoligical vessel listing

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SUN FOO 819 tons register, 1,449 tons burthen. Lb: 255' x 33' x 24'6". Passenger Cargo Vessel built by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Linthouse Glasgow, for E M de Busshe London. A graceful vessel, complete with clipper bow and three masts for sail power when wind was favorable, otherwise powered by a compounded steam engine. 250 nhp, believed effective horsepower rated at 1280. Saloon (First class) 52 passengers, Second class 20 and steerage unrecorded. Crew of 75. 1873 purchased by this concern and she arrived at Brisbane (under command of Captain Clarke) December 12th 1873 on maiden voyage from SIngapore, a voyage of 24 days. She carried passengers, cargo and mail transhipped at Singapore from a P & O steamship. December 17 arrived Sydney. As the terminus, all other passengers for Melbourne were obliged to tran-ship. Captain Peake, local Shipmaster and greatly experienced with the Barrier Reef, performed the first documented full-length pilotage of the Queensland coast, from Brisbane to Torres Strait, on the inaugural voyage. Somehow managed to hit a reef off Bowen, , given temporary repairs and steamed back to Singapore where damage was fully repaired. 1874 with an extension to her ports of call to include Hong Kong, upon that first voyage was was wrecked. Actual site unknown, only details is that she hit a reef on 10 March 1874. No loss of life
SOMERSET 962 gross tons, 1100 burthen. Lb: 67.1 x 8.5 metres. Iron hull. Single screw. Passenger vessel built by Lobnitz Coulborn & Co Renfrew, Glasgow for Eastern & Australian Mail Steam Co Ltd, London. Compounded engine 8.5 knots. 750 nhp 850 effective. Maiden voyage Clyde River, Glasgow departing 17 July 1874 arriving Singapore 24 August 1874. Extended to Hong Kong and onward to Sydney, arriving 14 Ocotber 1874. Cargo included rice and tea. In command Captain H M Morris. 1886 renamed M'Beth as owned by E McAlister. 1891 renamed Hokushiu Maru as owned by N Hiroumi. Deleted from register 1901
NORMANBY 976 gross tons. 1100 burthen. Lb: 67.2 x 8.5 metres. Compounded steam engine. Iron hulled, single screw Passenger/cargo built by Henderson Coulborn, Renfrew Glasgow for he Eastern & Australian Mail Mail Steam Co Ltd. Maiden voyage from Glasgow under Captain Park, 21 September 1874 for SIngapore and arrived Sydney 16 December 1874. Serviced the passenger-cargo mail run from Singapore to Australia via Hong Kong. 1880 sold to Catts Bros, Singapore. Fate unknown
BRISBANE 1,503 gross tons. Lbd: 281'5" x 32'2" x 17'6". (85.7 x 9.8 metres) Propulsion: 2 x inverted compound engines. Iron hulled passenger-cargo steamship built by A & J Inglis, Pointhouse Glasgow for the Eastern & Australian Mail Steam Co Ltd. Single screw. Compound engine. Brig rigged, clipper bow. Two sisterships followed as Bowen and Singapore. Wrecked 10th October 1881 on Fish Reef, Point Charles Northern Territory en-route Hong Kong to Port Darwin

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SINGAPORE image courtesy State Library New South Wales
MENMUIR image courtesy State Library Queensland
SINGAPORE 1,540 gross tons. Lb: 87 x 9.8 metres. Iron hulled, single screw passenger-cargo vessel built by Inglis, Pointhouse Glasgow and completed December 1874 for Eastern & Australasian Mail Steam Co Ltd, London. Compounded steam engine. Brig rigged, clipper bow. Was second of three sisterships - Brisbane and Bowen. 29 January 1877 en-route Hong Kong to Sydney, wrecked on an unmarked reef (since named Singapore Rock), off Keswick Island near Mackay, Queensland
BOWEN 1,559 gross tons. Lb: 85.7 x 9.8 metres. Iron hulled passenger steamship built J Reid, Glen Yard Glasgow for the Eastern & Australian Mail Steam Co Ltd, London. Single screw. Compound engine. Brig rigged, clipper bow. Was third of three sisterships - Brisbane and Singapore. Maiden voyage from Glasgow December 1874 bound for Sydney (arrived early 1875) via SIngpore.1883 sold to R. Singlehurst & Co 1884 renamed Manauense. 1900 Mexico for Mexican Steam Ship Co 1901 again renamed Manauense. Wrecked at Muroran harbour entrance 15 December 1903
QUEENSLAND 2,263 gross tons. Lb: 99.1 x 11.2 metres. Iron single screw passenger-cargo vessel built by Palmers at Jarrow, Newcastle England for Eastern & Australian Mail Steam Co Ltd, London. Compounded engine 300 nhp. 1876 sank in Bass Strait after collision 16nm NExE Wilson's Promontory 3 August 1876 with the steamship Barrabool. No loss of life
MENMUIR 1,940 gross tons. 2,500 tons burthen. Iron cargo steamship built by Doxford at Pallion, Sunderland for the Eastern & Australian Mail Steam Co Ltd, London. Compounded engine 240 nhp, 1300 effective. Maiden voyage from Singapore 16 September 1878 arriving Sydney 10 October 1878. 1900 sold to China & Manila Steamship Co., 1901 renamed Perla. Built in 1878. 1,940 tons. In 1900, sold to China & Manila Steamship Co and renamed Perla. 1904, sold to T Onishi and renamed Oyama Maru. Wrecked Furubira, near Otaru , Hokkaido, Japan 16 February 1915

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JEDDAH image courtesy State Library New South Wales<
FLINTSHIRE 1,558 gross tons. Lb: 270'7" x 32'8" (82.5 x 10 metres). Iron, single screw cargo vessel built by London & Glasgow Eng & Iron Shipbuilding Co, for D K Jenkins & Co London. 1873-4 under one year charter to Eastern & Australasian Mail Steam Co Ltd. June 1874, charter taken at Sydney at exorbitant rates when urgency required the shipment of mails there to England. Ran aground at Cleveland Bay after leaving Townsville. 1888 sold to Lim Tiang Hee of Singapore. 1889 to Blue Funnel Line. 1891 to Ocean SS Co (Blue Funnel Subsidiary). East India Ocean Steamship Co in 1895. Sold to Okazaki Takichi of Kobe, Japan and renamed Yayeyama Maru in 1896. On 12th December 1898 she was lost following a collision off Moji harbour Nagasaki
JEDDAH 1,541 gross tons. Passenger Cargo Vessel built by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton, Yard No 159 for J Guthrie, London. June 1874 chartered from J. Guthrie & Co., in hasty replacment for the loss of the Sun Foo. Supposedly chartered for four months only and at inflated rates. About the middle of 1874, inaugurated the extended voyage/service to Hong Kong. 1874 during a voyage to Melbourne, managed to sustain fire damage, although not too serious. 1875 returned to owners. Fate unknown
BENTON 530 gross tons, 340 net. Lb: 177'8" x 23'3". Iron cargo-passenger vessel built by by J & G Thomson Clydebank, (Registration shows built at Govan) Yard No 127 Glasgow for J Guthrie. Propulsion: steam compound C2cy 100nhp. Chartered during 1874 on one round voyage only, taking the mail as contracted for the ill-fated Sun Foo. Returned to owners. Sold 1879 to Lee Cheng Tee, Singapore. 29 March 1887 foundered off Batu Pahat, Straits of Malacca
LEGISLATOR 2,126 gross tons. Lb: 94'6" x 10'4". Iron hull. Single screw cargo steamship built by Maudslay Field, Greenwich for T & J Harrison, Liverpool. Compounded engine. 1874 chartered from T & J. Harrison, Liverpool. Brought mail from London in a little as 51 days on one voyage and was inident free over the 12 month charter. 1875 returned to owners. 1887 sold to Marques de Campo, Spain renamed Honduras. 1890 sold to M M de Arrotegui renamed Castellano. 1893 sold to G Tweedy & Co renamed Kashgar. 1898 sold to Transports Miniers renamed Maria. 1905 sold to J Espina Galofre renamed Ignacio Roca. missing - sailed from West Hartlepool 5 March 1905 for Barcelona
TOM MORTON 1,402 gross tons. Iron cargo steamship built by Morton, S&H, yard 21, Leith for 'unknown'. Launched November 1872, Date completed unknown. 1874 chartered from H. Moreton for 12 months taking mail from Singapore. First voyage of charter January 18 1874. 1876 sold to G. V. Turnbull. Went missing - sailed Cardiff 4 December 1886 for Constantinople

9 August 1880 this Company as Eastern & Australian Mail Steam Co Ltd, London decided upon voluntary liquidation.
On the basis of refusal of terms of the mail contract as offered by the Queensland Government in the 1878 renewal and, later a new Queensland Government in office making further unreasonable terms. Those terms were a mail service from Singapore whose terminus was Brisbane only.
(At this juncture, it should be noted that that particular Government favoured (seemingly) the British India Line and their subsidiary known as the Queensland Steam Ship Company. With Burns, Parbury and McIlwraith involved in ownership with British India Line they took on and eventually took over the fully owned Australian concern known as Australasian S N Co in a bitter price and trade war. The Queensland Premier of the day made unreasonable terms for a new mail contract with E & A in 1880 to be of 5 years and at old rates ie: 20,000 pounds per annum, it gave the contract to British-India Line the new contract at 55,000 pounds per annum, with their terminus as Brisbane)

10 August 1880 this Company reconstituted , with the same Board of Directors (minus Henderson having passed away 1875) as
Eastern & Australian Steamship Co Ltd
Having a wealth of experience with Officers and crew with the treacherous passways of the China Seas, Torres Straits, Arafura Sea and of course the great Barrier Reef, as well as much popularity in the Australia - South-East Asia/China service, this new entity could only prosper
Between 1880 - 1884 they sold off the last remaining 'Mail' steamships and acquired the newly constructed, service designed steamships, Catterthun, Tannadice, Guthrie and Airlie
From 1880 the trade route was
Hong Kong, Manilla, Thursday Island, Townsville, Bowen, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. From circa 1884 the service was extended to Shanghai and Japan
From (possibly) late1880's the South Australian Government granted a 2,000 pound subsidy to E & A for mails to be delivered to Port Darwin, the Northern Territory then being under their jurisdiction. This mail contract continued up to 1917 when this Company's vessels were withdrawn and utilised for the war effort
Of this second entity known as Eastern & Australian Steamship Co Ltd, agreed liquidation again came into effect as from June 20th 1894
Of the existing 'original' founding board members, only James Guthrie was alive.
With the re-location of offices during the second 'reign' of this Company, much hard documentation as records etc has been lost, making every true account of happenings most obscure.
Since and on 12 July 1894 a third entity came into being, under the same name as the second - Eastern & Australian Steamship Co Ltd


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CATTERTHUN image courtesy State Library Victoria
TANNADICE image courtesy Ross Ibbotson - Sandakan Historian Extraordinaire - with many thanks
GUTHRIE left image courtesy State Library New South Wales, right image at Thursday island postcard in issue
AIRLIE image courtesy State Library Queensland
CATTERTHUN 2,179 gross tons. Lb: unknown. Built Doxford of Sunderland. Departed Sydney 7 August for China, encountering worsening weather along the way. 8 August 1895 wrecked on Seal Rocks, off Sugarloaf Point, Near Port Stephens New South Wales. Although some lifeboats got away safely, the loss of live varies from 50 - 77 souls, first time any loss of life occured with this shipping concern. 22 survivors. In addition, a cargo of 10 crates in an iron 'specie chamber' containing some 11,000 sovereigns sank to 30 fathoms. From August 17 1896 two salvage divers with specialised diver suits capable of the 30 fathom pressure as brought out from England recovered 9,000 sovereigns after blasting through the tank on the ocean floor. 2,000 sovereigns remain unrecovered
TANNADICE 2,183 gross tons. Iron steamship, Passenger-cargo built by Doxford, Pallion for Eastern & Australian S S Co Ltd, London. 1893 sold to India Merchants S.N. Co., Bombay (Hadji C Joosub) 1894 renamed Ajmir. Wrecked Bassim 14 June 1895 & broken up
GUTHRIE 2,338 gross tons, 1,494 net. Lbd: 314' x 38'3" x 23'6". Iron steamship built by W Doxford & Sons, Sunderland for the Eastern & Australasian (E & A) Steamship Co Ltd. Compound surface condensing engine producing 340 nominal horsepower. Employed Australia to the far east via Singapore. Acquired 1904 by Burns Philp & Co and employed on the Australia - Java - Singapore run, taking the ports of Thursday Island and Darwin. 1912 sold to G S Yuill & Co Ltd (Australian-Oriental Line). Was chartered by Burns Philp & Co during 1912 in November. Sold 1913 or 14 to Hong Kong interests, possibly the White Cross Steamship Co Ltd and rumoured renamed Helvette. Wrecked 1st November 1914 at Taku bar bound for the China coast. Sistership - Airlie
AIRLIE 2,337 gross tons, 1,492 net. Lbd: 314' x 38'3" x 23'6". Iron steamship built by William Doxford & Sons, Sunderland England for the Eastern & Australian Steamship Co., Ltd. Held compounded engine producing 340 nhp. Serviced Sydney - Java - Singapore passenger run. Sold to Burns Philp & Co Ltd., January 1904. Continued working the Sydney - Java - Singapore route with various ports in Queensland and Darwin, Northern Territory added to the itinerary. Laid up 1910, sold to Chinese shipbreakers and broken up 1911. Sistership - Guthrie

the third entity
- Eastern & Australian Steamship Co Ltd
Board Directors J Guthrie (Chairman), the Honorable Alban G H Gibbs (later bacame Lord Aldenham), George Bigg, Charles Edward Bright and Henry Stubbings as nominated Company Secretary.
Later, Gibbs, Bright & Co, Sydney as Managers of Australian operations were handed full control of E & A
12 July 1894 - (1919) 1970

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EMPIRE postcard personal collection
ALDENHAM image courtesy State Library New South Wales
AUSTRALIAN 2,838 gross tons. Lb: 341'5" x 42'3". (104.1 x 12.9 metres) Passenger cargo steamship built by Robert Napier Govan, Glasgow for Eastern & Australian Steamship Company Ltd, London. Single screw. Triple expansion engine. 12 knots. 9 November 1906 wrecked Vashon Head, Coburg Peninsula Northern Territory Australia. No loss of lives
EASTERN (1) 3,586 gross tons. Lb: 352.0 x 42.3 feet. (107.3 x 12.9 metres) Steel, single screw steamship, passenger-cargo built by Robert Napier Govan Glasgow. Triple expansion engine. 12.5 knots. 1924 sold to Harada Kisen K K, Kobe renamed Terukuni Maru. Bombed and sunk 18 October 1944 by US aircraft 40 miles North of Luzon Island Philippines (18.54N/121.51E )
EMPIRE 4,496 gross tons. Lb: 386'1" x 46'7". (117.7 x 14.2 metres) Passenger-cargo steamship built by Wm Beardmore & Company Govan, Yard No 478 for Eastern & Australian Steamship Company Ltd, London. Single screw, triple expansion engine. 15 knots. Brig rigged, clipper bow and figurehead. Passenger accomodation - 70 first class, 50 second and 'extensive number' as 'coolie' steerage - in re-quoting the expression of the era. 25,000 cubic feet of refrigerated cargo space. 1916 sold to R L Connell, (Connell & Bicket) London. Name retained. 1921 Cie Generale Transatlantique, Bordeaux (French Line) renamed Volubilis. Arrived at Holland for Scrapping - 25 April 1931
ALDENHAM 3,808 gross tons. Lb: 364'8" x 44'9". (111.2 x 13.7 metres) Steel hulled, passenger-cargo steamship built by R Napier, Govan for G Thompson & Co, Aberdeen (Aberdeen Line) as the Nineveh. Single screw, triple expansion engine. 13 knots. 1907 purchased from Aberdeen Line as a replacement for the loss of the 'Australian' and renamed Aldenham. 1916 sold to Royal Mail S P Meat Transports Ltd, London and renamed Larne. 1918 owned by Zurbaran Steamship Co. (MacAndrews & Co.), London. Broken up at Wilhelmshaven May 1923


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ST ALBANS leftside & centre official company issue postcards
rightside image(-b38689) image courtesy State Library Victoria
ST ALBANS 4,119 gross tons. Lb: 111.9 x 14.3 metres. Steel steamship, passenger - cargo refrigerated built by Workman and Clark, Belfast for Eastern & Australian Steamship Co Ltd, London. Single screw, triple expansion engine making 14.5 knots. 63 passengers first class, 36 second class and a further 'acceptable' accomodation for 100 Chinese Coolies. A straight stemmed ship, breaking with the Company's tradition of 'clipper-bow' vessels. Serviced Melbourne, Sydney, most Queensland ports as well as randon anchorage at any given island along the Barrier Reef, Thursday Island, Borneo, Manilla, Hong Kong, Kobe, Yokohama. During first World War, taken over by the British Government. Placed upon Bombay - German East-Africa and Bombay - Persian Gulf. 1918 Armistance Day and berthed in the Thames, she returned to Sydney with Australian munitions workers deployed in the English factories, arriving Sydney. Refitted and resumed peace time services June 1919. Replaced by the modern fleet additions after a 21 year career, September 1931 scrapped Yokohama Japan

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TANDA (1) official company issue postcard
ARAFURA (1) image courtesy State Library Victoria
NELLORE (1) image courtesy Australian War Memorial
ARAFURA (1) 5,638 gross tons. Lb: 122.8 x 15 metres. Steel steamship built by Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack as the Florida for DG Argo, Bremen. Single screw, triple expansion engine. 11 knots. 1904 renamed Professor Woermann for the Woermann Line. 1907 renamed Swakopmund for Hapag Lloyd. 1921 purchased from the Shipping Controller, London renamed Arafura, 1929 scrapped Osaka October 1929
TANDA (1) 6,956 gross tons. Lb: 430' x 58'. (131.2 17.7 metres) Machinery: Twin screw 2 x T. 3cyl 5200ihp 14 knots. Steel passenger - cargo vessel built by Alexander Stephen & Sons Linthouse Glasgow as Madras for British India S N Co. Served as hospital ship and ambulance transport 1914 -1919. Renamed Tanda 1920. 1924 transferred to E & A Steamship Co Ltd. Employed on the Australia - East Asia & Asia service. Skillfully rode out the 2nd September 1937 Typhoon that struck Hong Kong via South China sea, owing to the experience of Sydney based Caprtain Elias T Pilcher. 15 July 1944 torpedoed and sunk by U.181 near Mangalore 13.22N/74.09E whilst on voyage Melbourne via Colombo to Bombay
NELLORE (1) 6,853 gross tons. 450 x 52 feet. (137.2 x 15.9 metres) Steel hulled, passenger-cargo steamship built by Caird & Company Greenock, Glasgow for P & O Steam Navigation Co, Greenock. Twin screw, quadruple expansion engine making 14 knots. Sistership - Nankin. 1929 Purchased Eastern & Australian Steamship Co, registered Greenock. 1944 torpedoed and sunk in Indian Ocean Japanese submarine I.8 in 07.51S 75.20E on passage Bombay for Sydney, 79 lost

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Most of the Company's vessels had Australian officers, Chinese crew. All cuisine on the menu complete with original Chinese cooking. Open decks and large cabins large amount of deck chairs on promenade decks, including swimming pool as required - all allowing for the tropical conditions and making E & A fleet vessels the best in the service. Where no other shipping line could match the atmosphere of E & A, passengers kept returning time and time again

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NANKIN (1) image courtesy State Library Queensland
NANKIN (1) 6,069 gross tons. Lb: 137.1 x 15.9 metres. Steel passenger-cargo steamship built by Caird, Greenock for P & O S N Co, Greenock. Twin screw, quadruple expansion engine making 14 knots. Sistership - Nellore. 1931 purchased from P & O, 1942 captured by German surface raider 'Thor' in Indian Ocean renamed Leuthen. Destroyed in explosion of the tanker 'Uckermark' at Yokohama 30 november 1942
NELLORE (11) 9,895 gross tons. Lb: 475 x 64 feet. Steel, passenger-cargo vessel built as the Empire Joy by J L Thompson, North Sands for the Ministry of War Transport, Sunderland. 1946 purchased from MOT, renamed Nellore, 1966 sold to Austin Nav. Corp, Panama (W.H.Eddie Hsu ) renamed Oriana. Damaged by fire at Kaohsiung 31 December 1966 & broken up December 1967
EASTERN (11) 9,896 gross tons. Lb: 475 x 65 feet. Built by J L Thompson, North Sands as Empire Dynasty for the Ministry of War Transport, Sunderland, and managed by Lamport & Holt Line. 1946 purchased from Ministry Of Transport and renamed Eastern, 1965 sold to Eddie Steamship Co, Taiwan renamed Dori. Scrapping begab at Kaohsiung commencing 4 July 1969
NANKIN (11) 7,607 gross tons, 10,750 dwt. Lb: 138.8 x 18.9 metres. Steel, single screw cargo vessel built as the Mount Holyoke Victory by Permanente, Richmond Site 02 for the U S War Shipping Administration, San Francisco. Design - VC2-S-AP2. Steam turbine engine. 15.5 knots. 1947 purchased by E & A Line, renamed Nankin. 1966 sold to Universal Mariners S.A, Panama (V.K.Eddie Hsu ) renamed Bolina. Broken up at Kaohsiung December 1971

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ARAMAC official company issue postcard & imae at Station Pier Port Melbourne personal collection
ARAFURA (11) 8774 gross tons, 10,725 net. Lbd: 482' x 63'2" x 28'6". (146.9 x 19.3 metres) Cargo vessel built by Barclay Curle & Company Glasgow. Single screw. Steam Turbine. Diesel engine. 14 knots. 1970 renamed Tanda, 1971 transferred to British India S N Co. Scrapped 1972
ARAWATTA 5,510 gross tons, 8485 dwt. Lb: 140 x 17.7 metres. Cargo vessel built by Wartsila C-V, Turku as Charlotte for A/B Bonnierforetagen, Sweden. Possibly laid down as the Anne-Marie Thorden and completed as 'Charlotte'. 1963 purchased, renamed Arawatta. 1971 aols to I/S Sea Transport, Norway renamed Concordia Fana. 1971 renamed Fanafjell. 1973 renamed Concordia Gleam. 1979 renamed Anastasia G. Broken up at Gadani Beach August 1980
ARAMAC 13,362 gross tons. Lbd: 531'4" x 70'3" x 46". Twin screw, passenger-cargo vessel built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast 1948 as Parthia for Cunard-White Star Line. Two sets of double reduction geared Parsons steam turbines, 15,000 shp. Boilers - Foster Wheeler watertube oil fired, working pressure of 450 lbs/sq in and superheated to 750 F. Service speed - 17 knots. Carried 250 first class passengers. 1962 transferred to New Zealand Shipping Co and renamed Remuera. Early 1962 sustained rebuild of upper works aft by Alex Stephens, Glasgow, enabling her to carry 350 first class passengers. 1964 purchased by E & A Line, renamed Aramac, More often than not, had a regular berth at North Wharf, Melbourne although has berthed at Station pier Port Melbourne on the odd occasion (sse photo). Serviced Melbourne - Hong Kong. November 1969 scrapped at Kaohsiung
ARADINA 8,199 gross tons, 11,300 net. Lb: 152 x 19.7 metres. Cargo vessel built by John Brown at Clydebank as Salsette for P & O, London. Single screw, diesel engine. 15.5 knots. 1966 transferred from P & O and renamed Aradina, 1970 transferred to British India S N Co. renamed Tairea. 1975 transferred to P & O, renamed Strathlomond. 1977 renamed United Viscount. Broken up at Kaohsiung June 1979

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'Sayonara Dinner' Cutty Sark cover

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ARAKAWA 8202 gross tons, 11,180 dwt. Lbd: 499'8" x 64'9" x 28'9" (152.3 x 19.7 metres) Steel, single screw cargo vessel built by John Brown Clydebank, as Salmara for P & O. Doxford diesel 2SA 6cy 8000bhp 15.5 knots 8000bhp. 1966 transferred to E & A renamed Arakawa, 1970 to British India S N Co, renamed Teesta. 1973 to P&O, renamed Strathloyal in 1975. At Gadani Beach for scrapping December 1977, demolition commenced January 1978
CATHAY 13,809 gross tons. Lb: 557'9" x 70'. Lb: 557' x 70'. Passenger-cargo vessel built by Cockerill-Ougree, Hoboken Belgium as Baudouinville for Cie Maritime Belge. Sistership JadotviService speed 17.5 knots. Passengers - 226 one class. Purchased by P&O in 1961, renamed and placed on the UK-Japanese service via Suez, Singapore and Hong Kong. 1970, transferred to P&O subsidiary Eastern & Australian Steamship Co, serving between Australia, the Far East and Japan as replacement vessel for the 'Aramac'. 1971 transferred to P & O. 1976 sold to Nan Yang Shipping Co., Shanghai renamed Kenghsin. 1978 registered under China Ocean Shipping Co. and renamed Shang Hai. Scrapped 1996
CHITRAL 13,724 gross tons. built Ch. de l´Atlantique, France as the Jadotville for Cie Maritime Belge. Sistership Baudouinville. 18 knots. 300 passengers one class. 1970 transferred from P & O. 1975 scrapped at Taiwan


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